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The man revealed that every citizen gives up a month's worth of their soul every six months in exchange for safety and protection, which was performed by incarnations of Big Mom's soul that she created with her Devil Fruit, the Soru Soru no Mi. Sanji recalled snippets from his childhood, during which he was bullied by his three brothers for feeding rats, and was denounced by Roulette table birthday cake as a disgrace to the family name.

Big Mom used her crew members to gather banquet ingredients in faraway locations by murdering their owners, and stated that she knew that Luffy was present in her territory. To his shock, however, the ship they encountered belonged not to Big Mom, but to Germa Luffybut had no qualms with using violence against the latter if he became angered.

Cracker easily overwhelmed Luffy with his sword, Pretzeland his Busoshoku Haki. Sanji reiterated once again that he was no longer a member of their family, and that he did not care about any potential reprisals from Big Mom if the Vinsmokes broke their marriage pact.

The spear ended up stabbing the buried man in the head, and the Sanji Retrieval Team met up with Luffy, who split off from his reflection as they ran in opposite directions. However, Caesar had long realized that it was impossible without side effects, as shown with the children he experimented on in Punk Hazardand so he spent his funds on alcohol and women, counting on Donquixote Doflamingo to protect him.

It was legal to eat the structures, with the exception of the roofs. Meanwhile, Cracker overpowered Luffy as he used an ability to multiply his arms, but Luffy was intent on not giving up or holding back against him.

Surrounded with nowhere to run, Bege was soon attacked by Big Mom after she regained her senses and became enraged at his betrayal.

When some of his crew mates roulette table birthday cake into disguise to block off communication and exits in preparation for his plans to assassinate Big Mom, Bege thanked them and praised them for the good job they have done. Bege's concept art from the anime.

The crocodile walked away on its hind legs, bewildering Nami. The Sanji Retrieval Team leaped over the river, but encountered the buried man yet again. The man revealed that he saw the trees relentlessly attack Chopper, and Nami wondered why the trees eventually stopped chasing her and why they were alive in the first place. Big Mom asked Caesar how his research was going, as he had been commissioned by her to find a way to make her family members the same size as her.

On Whole Cake Island, Big Mom developed a craving for croquembouche, causing her to enter a state of tantrum and eat anything in her path.

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However, Nami pulled out the vivre card Lola had given her, and the power of Big Mom's soul contained within it caused the homies to shrink back in terror. While Sanji was distracted by Judge's statements, Reiju fastened exploding wristlets onto Sanji's wrists. After the timeskip, he and his crew became subordinates of the Big Mom Pirates. Reiju and the onlooking Germa 66 agents were surprised and impressed at Sanji's combat prowess, while Sanji and Judge traded verbal as well as physical blows.

Story Arcs

As Nami struggled to comprehend Luffy's claim, Luffy, Chopper, and Carrot then saw Sanji standing against a tree and raced toward him, but he disappeared once again. Suddenly, the tenth son of the Charlotte Family and one of the Three Sweet Commanders, Charlotte Crackerarrived and pulled the man out of the ground, angry that he was giving away secrets to the enemy. Nami, Carrot, and Chopper continued to be pursued by the rabbit, Randolphbut Carrot fell back and attacked the rabbit, who she knew was not a mink due to its inability to use Electro.

At Whole Cake Island, Big Mom and her underlings, most of whom were not human, danced and sang as they prepared for the Tea Party to be held in three days' roulette table birthday cake.

Capone Bege

Big Mom thanked Jinbe for the poneglyph he gave her, and Jinbe asked roulette table birthday cake he could discuss something with her, causing Big Mom to ask in anger if he wanted to leave her crew. Pudding talked to them about Big Mom marrying her and her siblings off, revealing that she had 38 sisters and 46 brothers, conceived by Big Mom and 43 husbands.

He even decapitates animals simply to entertain himself. The team then saw Sanji lying on a tree branch, and Luffy knocked into his reflection when trying to get to him. She wanted to go back wait on the coast like Pudding told them, but realized that they were stuck due to the bridge collapsing. Luffy decided to just follow their instincts to find Sanji, which Nami was not happy about, and they crossed a doughnut bridge as they eagerly eyed the candy forest.

The scattered pieces of soul then made their way everywhere, bringing life to the flora, which were known as Homies, and could also settle into animals like Randolph and the talking crocodile. Pudding became scared because they were pirates and held a knife at them, causing Pedro to hold his sword to her neck, but Nami assured her that they came in peace.

The only issue was that their vice captain, Aladine, was married to her 29th daughter Charlotte Pralinebut Praline agreed to accompany her husband away. Tamago further tried to persuade Sanji by informing him that Big Mom was impressed by his skill set and would likely offer him a good position in her crew, but Sanji continued to refuse.

The island they were on was Cacao Islandwhich had a town built entirely out of chocolate. According to Jinbe, while he slaughtered leaders of powerful organizations, he left their subordinates such as mafia members of the other Four of the Five Great Families or pirate crewmates of infamous pirate captains alone and only viciously retaliated when they attempted revenge.

Later, Vito tried to engage Sanji in a conversation about a comic strip called Sora, Warrior of the Seain which the protagonist, Sorafought against the evil Germa Pedro then noticed Tamago walking out of the shop as some soldiers talked to him. Yonji and Reiju then departed, agreeing to maintain silence about their meeting with Luffy's group, in order to prevent the imminent wedding being called off.

He hopes for Pez to grow into a great leader like himself and hold up their family name. A few hours ago, Jinbe asked his crew for permission to leave and join the Straw Hat Pirates, and they happily agreed. As Yonji received treatment for the facial injuries he sustained in an earlier, unseen fight with Sanji, Judge and Sanji began their duel in a courtyard outside the Germa castle.

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The crew then encountered a giant sea centipede. When he does engage in battle, he tends to just walk into danger on his own, since he can easily summon numerous subordinates at any time and place to fight on his behalf.

There, he sought to ensure that the wedding between Sanji and Pudding happened so that he could assassinate Big Mom. Rather than take on someone as powerful as Big Mom in direct combat, Bege submitted himself to her in order to gain opportunities to take her down. Everywhere he goes, he takes out the leaders of the groups opposing him roulette table birthday cake order to achieve this, only caring for his opponents' treasure and the bloodshed he will see from them later.

Bege's men generally address him as "Father" similarly to the way that Mafia members address their high ranking leader as "Godfather". The Thousand Sunny docked at an island, with Pekoms claiming to a guard that he hijacked it in order to avoid arousing suspicion.

They became distracted by the forest of candy in front of them, and Nami wondered why Sanji would hide himself from them. They turned around and jumped back over the river, but ended up in the same place yet again. When an accurate picture of Sanji came out two years later, their father immediately ordered that his bounty be raised, and that the bounty conditions be changed to state "Only Alive".

Jinbe then arrived and fed Big Mom some croquembouche tourists, immediately returning her to normal. However, the owner flew in and claimed that Luffy and Chopper were there to dismantle her cafe, berating the pirates for not eating all of it.

He was willing to silence members of the Big Mom Pirates such as Pekoms in order to ensure the success of his plot. The next morning, they reached Whole Cake Island, and Luffy noticed someone standing on the shore. The comic was meant to glorify Marine heroes, but Vito had taken to Germa 66 instead.

Pekoms prepared to fit Luffy into his disguise, but to his shock and fear found out that Luffy had already entered the island. Judge also revealed that he only sought Sanji out in order to meet Big Mom's terms for an alliance; as he did not want to give over one of his "precious" sons to marriage into the Charlotte Familyhe arranged that Sanji should be the groom because he did not consider Sanji a true son.

Reiju attempted to convince Sanji to return to the family and embrace the privileges of his royal status, but he reiterated his refusal to either marry Pudding or associate himself with his family again. He is also shown to be an opportunist, as he insisted on putting poison or planting roulette table birthday cake inside the substitute wedding cake as a second chance to kill Big Mom until Sanji convinced him otherwise.

Luffy and Chopper ate an entire cafe, and were arrested by a police officer. Suddenly, Luffy managed to catch a large fish, but as he dug into it, Chopper after consulting Sanji's books revealed that the skin of this fish is poisonous; Luffy immediately collapsed. Meanwhile, Luffy discovered that the real Nami was among the various figures of his crewmates making animal sounds.

To silence him, Bege ruthlessly shot Pekoms off a cliff into shark infested waters. The soldiers revealed that Brook and Pedro had yet to be caught, and Tamago recognized Pedro as Pedro and Brook grew frightened about their every move being tracked.

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Bege as a crime boss in the anime. While demanding that he show himself with his allies, Big Mom relentlessly damaged the castle and by extension Bege. The soldiers revealed that Pekoms was not with the Straw Hats after they set sail from Cacao Island, and they had confirmed that all but two of the Straw Hats were in the Seducing Woods and their capture would be imminent.

Their father, Vinsmoke Judgethen arrived to talk to Sanji, but Sanji called him a "bastard" and refused to acknowledge him as his father. Luffy agreed as the crew came under attack by the ants again.