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Pollution Visitors from elsewhere are advised to constantly wear radiation suits and carry Geiger counters, since the city is perhaps the most radioactive in the U. The population is about 40, Also, management apparently gives employees benefits for storing nuclear waste in buildings; in some episodes, barrels of waste have been seen in the Simpsons' basement.

After the car was found, the Griffins were taken to court for the infringement of Pawtucket Patriot Ale for imitating Duff Beer. As described by Dr. Before they leave, Homer apologizes to his former best-friend Peter Griffinbut it later ends up into a fight after Peter told him that Homer's family including him sucked.

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Matt Groening said in an interview that Springfield is based on Springfield, Oregona town next to Portland, Oregonwhich is the city he grew up on. The cities were later reunited through a concert by The Who. Springfield has two movie theatres: For a brief period, Springfield divided itself into two cities, Olde Springfield and New Springfield, on the basis of an area code division.

In the midth century, the city reached perhaps the pinnacle of its success when it became the home of the Aquacar, a car which could be driven in the water like a boat. Being situated in a valley, Springfield likely boasts a humid-subtropical climate, due to panic during snow storms as suggested in the Season 4 episode Mr. Geography Springfield's geography includes big mountains, maybe part of Rocky Mountains, and a lot of hills, gorgesgiant redwood trees, a desert, a forest, lakes, rivers and a volcano.

Finally, in " The Burns Cage ", Springfield's location was finally revealed to be in the middle of America. One example of the citizens' gross stupidity is when they once managed to reelect Quimby in a landslide, despite admitting in a stump speech that he had used the town's treasury to fund the murder of his enemies, simply because he paraphrased Gabbo's trademark line "I'm a bad widdle boy.

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There is also an unusually high number of museumsincluding Springfield Natural History Museum which features the world's largest cubic zirconiaSpringfield KnowledgeumSpringsonian MuseumSpringfield Wax Museumthe Springfield Palace of Fine Artsthe Museum of Swordfish and a stamp museum. This is geographically impossible as only Ohio and Kentucky share borders and Nevada being on the other side of the country from the other three.

At this point, the city's streets were literally paved with gold.


Even the mention of the word can cause one of the town residents to pass out from boredom, or at least slam the door in the face of plucky little girls concerned about the state of their town without a second thought, or even throw anything they can get their hands on at the Green Day raft just for saying that they wanted to talk about it.

Another thing to note is Springfield is very well armed. Springfield was declared one of America's fastest-growing cities. All of Springfield is panicking, suggesting that hurricanes are rare in the city.

He famously once killed a bear with his bare hands, and this deed is immortalized in a bronze statue in front of the city hall.

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This is because the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant was built during an incredibly lax period for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in which the plant's nuclear core was surrounded not by several layers of protective concrete and graphite but by ordinary plaster with a horseshoe hanging from a nail.

Also perhaps due to this, the book reports that international law forbids shipping produce from Springfield; those who do venture into a local supermarket or farmer's market may find that it gives off a barely audible hum. Another time, Lou pointed out that himself, along with Wiggum and Eddiewere the entire police force. After ninety-three days the town rioted and Stampy made a small crack in the dome; Cargill tricked the President into fat tuesday casino brawl up Springfield.

It is located on the coast of a large body of water, possibly an ocean. After the Griffins lost, they pack up and leave Springfield and head back to Quahog. Arts and Entertainment The Aztec Theater Springfield boasts an opera housean outdoor amphitheateran arboretum, a vibrant jazz scene, and was mentioned as the entertainment capital of its state. However, the show's host made it appear that Springfield hates America.

The Springfield Shopper is proud of the fact that they use absolutely no recycled material in their paper. The "small-town nastiness" of Springfield is made evident by a benighted tradition of "snake-whacking" whereby, annually, Springfieldians bludgeon snakes to death.

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There was also a time in the town's history where the police duties were handed over from the Springfield Police Department over to a private security company called SpringShieldwhich was run by Homer with the help of his friends Lenny and Carlwho did a far casino gran canaria job. It has also been stated that "West Springfield" is three times the size of Texas, and looks exactly like Texas in shape.

A majority of the time, the Springfieldians are shown to be especially fair-weather and fickle towards the Simpson familyeven by close friends and other family members.

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When the rest of the U. Most organized crime in town is controlled by mob boss Fat Tony. After seven minutes of their fight, they apologize to each other and agree to stay a half-hour apart. In its early days, the city was the target of many Native American Indian raids, and to this day many forts and trading posts remain including Fort Springfield and Fort Sensible.

He eventually surrendered after Springfield managed to spike the town's reservoir with alcohol, which caused him and his unit to go into a drunken stupor and wake up the next morning with a horrible hangover, although under the condition that Homer finishes up his line of duty by becoming an Army Recruiter. The town motto "a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man" is attributed to Jebediah.

During that time, the town fell into ruin and was plagued by power shortages Mr.

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It also has a drive-in theater and a dinner theater. Later, the town had its civilization rebuilt. When the Griffins returned home, Lois Griffin tells Peter that the company wasn't enforced yet.

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To attract more people into the town, Springfield legalized gay marriage. The dome was later destroyed by Homer and Bart Simpson when the bomb was thrown out of the dome and landing on the top of it. Springfieldians have a very uncaring attitude towards the environment. The colonel placed the town under martial law after Homer went into hiding, and started rounding up people who were either fat, bald, or had ever laughed at the antics of Homer Simpson.

The Zip code belongs to Barney, ND. Some of the potholes have become so wide that entire cars and trucks can and have fallen into them.

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Springfield is also subject to a number of natural disasters including avalanches, earthquakes, acid rain, floods, hurricanes, lightning strikes, tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions. The surnames 'van Houten', 'Muntz' and 'Flanders', as well as the Lutheran denomination within the Springfield Fat tuesday casino brawl church, may be indications that Springfield was a focus of Germanic immigration in the past.

However, there are other crime families in Springfield -- including the Yakuza.