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Is the casino rigged?

When I bet coins I will get 15 diamonds, but I think you can only win diamonds once every 24 hours Posted on: As I commented in another post on this site, the only things I've EVER won in the casino after playing this game for a year are a Single Coin hit, which awards coins; a Double Coin hit, which awards coins; or a Single Gem hit, which awards 15 gems.

I only ever use the coin option to spin the machine, though. Netnet I used to get 15 diamonds about every 25, coins spent playing I went about three days playing study and no diamonds at all finally got 15 today they need to pay out more often because they want so many gems to improve your restaurants it's so hard to upgrade when did answer so scarce Posted on: When I bet coins I will win 2 diamonds.

Nov 13, Answer from: Casino either Posted on: Never won gems when betting neither. The elephant wraps its trunk round the offending auto and moves it out from the way. VeggieKate I personally perceive that it's "rigged", although it may not be I may just have not found the sweet spot. It is harder to earn the 15 gems on days when the game is offering reduced prices for purchasing gems or other specials.

The elephant is highly intelligent that researchers and others working together with elephants have learned uses lots of its parts of the body as tools. Nov 5, Answer from: Why can I never get more than 5 gems in the casino.


Scents tell the elephant whose been prowling in its territory. FrostyCone I was Wrong. Nov 1, Answer from: Never got it and I spent I don't know how much money at the casino. Raising the trunk indicates excitement or danger, making trumpeting sounds with the trunk is just a sign of joy especially when combined with flapping earsand sniffing a thing accompanied by placing the tip of the trunk in the mouth shows curiosity.

I have been playing for months.

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You'll need between and 25, coins to hit 15 gems in the morning it seems to be about 18, Coins on average and between 25, and 80, to hit 15 gems in the evening the average seems to be about 55, Coins needed. Elephants have a spongy layer of skin on the feet that is similar to the sole of a great couple of sneakers.

When elephants need certainly to keep in touch with others in the herd, both trunk and the ears are used to telegraph emotions. I've never been able to get two wins within 24 hrs, but then again, I've kinda got a time when I make a point to play otherwise, lol, I wouldn't get anything else done!

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An elephant fills its trunk with as much as 5 quarts of water and then empties it into its mouth to be able to drink. Dg Once every 24 hours to get 15 is what I've experienced. I think it is rigged but to a certain extant.

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Like sneakers, this layer also acts as a questionnaire of shock absorber, allowing a dog weighing several tons to walk or run without jarring its joints. Like cats, elephants exhibit the Flehmen response once they detect strange scents using the Jacobsons organ that is found in the roof of its mouth.

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These seismic messages can travel several miles, offering elephant herds the equivalent of telegraph. Nov 29, Answer from: When other elephants visit a herd member having an apparent sneer on its face, they realize that something interesting has been discovered in the area.

Its nice when you first get the casino cuz they have you win gems. Sarah I have noticed the single gem diamant casino cooking fever 2, at it is 5 gemsand it eldorado resort casino in reno nevada 15 gems.

In India, law enforcement officers assist elephants to move illegally parked cars. I win all the time. You initially receive 2 gems and will max out at 7 gems per level advance.

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I think you can win onc a day but you don't need to wait a full 24 hours. You blackjack achievement get almost as many gems by increasing your XP plus you get more coinsthan if you used all your coins to try to win gems in the Casino.

Jan 3, Answer from: An elephants uses the fingerlike projections by the end of its trunk to scratch itchy skin behind its ears or to wipe dust from its eyes.


But up till now I have only ever won once per day. Jordy I just randomly played the casino and spent on it and won 15 gems. On the other end of the spectrum, elephants have sufficient control over their power to help you grasp and lift a raw egg with the trunk without breaking the shell.

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If I make a point to open up the game metropolis il gambling get my 2 gems for returning and make a point of playing levels in my latest restaurant to level up to the next experience level, I'm pretty much guaranteed to win 15 gems in the casino if I buckle down and keep spinning.

The multitasking elephant listens with its feet along with its ears. Other elephants have the message through their toes. Dec 17, Diamant casino cooking fever from: But, you're right, I wonder sometimes diamant casino cooking fever it's rigged too.

Elephants use their ears as air conditioners. The Casino becomes available at XP Level 7.

Not winning gems in Casino?

A mother elephant guides her youngster using her trunk just how a shepherd works on the staff to corral sheep daun belalai gajahnudging the infant gently underneath her body if she spots a predator, or pushing him combined with the remaining herd toward food or water. Nov 8, Answer from: Nov 3, Answer from: It seems like there should be some kind of pattern to figure out.

Nov 24, Answer from: FrostyCone Casinos are always rigged. If you're just starting the game, have less than 15 XP and only a handful of restaurants, save yourself a lot of frustration and just focus on getting your 2 daily gems for opening the game and replaying levels to increase XP at least diamant casino cooking fever a day.

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I then played a level came back tried again hoping it was more than luck and it was luck. Frosty Cone I think maybe you can win 15 gems from the casino once per level. Elephants also cool off with mud baths, scooping wet soil from the river bottom and flinging it onto their hot skin.

Maybe I have to play longer at a lower level to get a double or triple gem? Animals including the chimpanzee use objects found in its environment as tools. You should try to increase your XP level at least once daily.