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The traditional quiescent scoring mechanism is replaced by transient electronic method whereby the balls score points as they travel around the games surface, rather than scoring when they come to a halt.

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Parlour Bagatelle The name Bagatelle these days is far more likely to conjure up the image of the children's pastime wherein marbles or ball bearings are shot onto a board which features areas fenced in by nails hammered into its surface. However, the whole board has been miniaturised to a tabletop size in the same way that Shovelboard became Shove Ha'penny and Skittles begot Table Skittles.

The two top pictures were kindly sent by Peter Thompson who is the owner of the table shown click on the right hand picture to see a larger version.

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However, included with the table are the set of arches shown. The black scores double points so the aim is normally to try to roll the black ball into the central nine point hole.

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This smaller version began to appear in the late 19th century. This business is set around a very small circle of qualified people to do this kind of work. Anyway, from toit seems that the Bagatelle was just as popular as Billiards throughout England and Britain. The similarities are that the players shoot balls from the square end of the board towards the semi-circular end of the board with the objective of getting the balls to land in scoring holes and areas on the board surface.

Ashcroft were a famous Liverpool Billiard Company who won a Gold Medal at the International Exhibition but if anyone knows anything more about the table or the company, please send us an email. Notice that the table comes with one cue and one mace, the obsolete ancestor of the cue.

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But the plunger knocks the ball into play up a chute on the right, the balls are dead when they roll down to the area at the front of the game and scoring is achieved by getting the ball to roll into scoring holes and areas on the game surface itself in exactly the same way.

When unfolded, the table top looks identical to the picture lower right. The picture of this early 19th century Rosewood Bagatelle table is with thanks to Henry Adams Auctioneers.

Rather like a Billiards table, Pool table or Darts board, a variety of games can be played with it but all involve the players standing at the square end of the table and hitting the balls with a cue towards the holes at the other end. Pinball and Pachinko It takes less of a leap of imagination to jump from Children's Bagatelle to modern-day Pinball machines of the sort that have graced any antique slot machines for sale uk amusement arcade from the 's onwards.

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Each container antique slot machines for sale uk different points depending upon the likelihood of a ball finishing in it. No direct evidence has been found to support this claim, unfortunately, and so it can only be hoped that someone, somewhere will one day discover the missing link that joins the two games. The hole in the middle is numbered nine, the others are numbered 1 - 8 in a semi-random order.

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An entertaining game, generally considered to be for children, the resemblance to the original pub game is not overwhelming. At the turn of the millennium, the game is known still to be played in Chester, Coventry, Bristol, North Wales and Liverpool at least but its popularity has declined.

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We have a large inventory of parts for antique slot machines. The table is designed to fold over to become a desk when not in use and plays bagatelle in one direction and La Trou Madame in the other.

The Pachinko industry is absolutely huge in Japan but it isn't known whether it originally arrived from Western Europe or America. Presumably because aiming the balls was too difficult for youngsters, the balls run up a channel on the right hand side.

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Masters Traditional Games has a free rules service for traditional games. It seems most likely that the game was adapted in America by a craftsman to add value to the antique table rather than appearing like that when originally sold.

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