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An earlier album, Love Fever Me sube la fiebrefits stylistically with Hey You Loca and even shares two important songs: As such, you can use clave polarity for artistic effect, creating tension with passages that leave the clave ambiguous or even contradict it, making the resolution to strong clave-alignment all the more satisfying when it comes" Moore His father and namesake was half of the great songwriting team of Piloto y Vera and his uncle was the legendary percussionist Guillermo Barreto.

Arranger Ignacio Herrera also left after From the salsa dancer's perspective, timba due to its rhythmically complex nature is very hard to dance unless traditional Cuban salsa also known as casino is mastered and may require many years of practice.

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The group's leader, David Calzado, who had played violin for Ritmo Oriental in the s, landed a multi-year contract to play traditional charanga music each summer at a large Monte Carlo tourist hotel, hence the then-appropriate band name Charanga Habanera. Although the group is not very well known outside Cuba, almost everyone who hears them becomes an immediate cult member.

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Delgado left NG to form his own band in about The piano tumbaos and arrangements. The time-honored standard conga marcha used universally in salsa is also often used in timba, but many other variations are also used and some congueros actually compose specific marchas for each song. It is amazing how the bass and piano have evolved in Cuba, and that is conjunto casino exitos something that stops.

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El Tosco [had a] stint in the s with Los Van Van. These "gear changes" can be written into arrangements or spontaneously invoked in live performance by hand or vocal signals.

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The role of the bassist is also very different. According to Juan Formelldirector of Los Van Van, timba is not a form of traditional son, but something new. Contrary to early salsa, timba makes no claim to social or political messages, partly because of the political circumstances in Cuba. There was also a reaffirmation of the Cuban identity.

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However, many innovations were made in the style of playing and the arrangements, especially on the bass sometimes taking inspiration from non Cuban genres of musicthe piano with elements of baroque music such as Bachthe horns complex arrangements known as "champolas"and the use of the clave where son clave is the standard in salsa music, timba often leans towards rumba clave, 3: Zooming out a level to examine the larger mambo and coro sections built from the tumbaos, we immediately encounter a new type of arranging device which is almost entirely unique to timba.

They might also provide different chord progressions for the coro and lead vocal. Also, owing to its many Afro Cuban origins and, of course, to traditional Cuban music such as SonTimba music is highly syncopated.

Many of the tumbaos of the 70s and 80s applied a one-clave rhythm to a two-clave chord progression.

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Throughout the s and 80s, more and more elements of the pop music harmonic palette became acceptable in Latin music and by the s, anything that produced a hook became fair game, resulting in an explosion of brilliant songwriting while North American salsa continued to be constrained by the formulaic limitations of the genre. Most importantly, timba bassists stop and start their tumbaos, one of the defining aspects of timba gears.

At its most basic, timba is more flexible and innovative than salsa, and includes a more diverse range of styles, all of which could be defined as timba.

Odd lengths such as three, five and six were also occasionally used.

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However, the island's most popular dance bands have been virtually ignored by Latino radio in the USA and some parts of Cuba, and are absent from the charts. In the off-season, back in Cuba, there was very little work for their traditional music and the whole country was going wild for NG La Banda.

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Many of his tumbaos span two or even four claves in duration, something very rarely done previously. While timba has gone past its peak in recent years, all major conjunto casino exitos are still actively recording and performing, and major labels—especially in Europe—have started taking an interest in timba.

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