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Miller became inextricably entwined with robert casino miller place government affairs and business development activities both in the United States and abroad. Executive Biographical Summary Robert J. The son of a gaming pioneer, Bob was directed away from the glitz and glamor of the Las Vegas tourism experience toward a more traditional upbringing — focused upon pursuit of a non-gaming career in legal advocacy.

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From police officer to the immensely popular and longest serving governor in the history of the state of Nevada; from notable statesman to champion of economic development through environmentally mindful tourism; from advocating responsible gaming regulation to significantly elevating the rights of those people victimized by crime and protecting our children from exploitation, Mr.

Bob continued to identify difficult but embraceable challenges that, with effort, could decisively advance the quality of life for all Nevadans — settling finally on a run for the office of Lieutenant Governor of Nevada to allow him the authority to pursue this avocation.

Miller became introduced to the advanced processes of Nevada tourism promotion, transportation infrastructure and economic diversity. During these and follow-up visits, Mr. It was here that Mr.

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He set upon the task of inviting prestigious organizations to meet in Las Vegas and won over many hesitant professional associations including the Western Governors, National Governors, National Lt. He thoughtfully studied tourism development and sought to assimilate as much knowledge as possible regarding the strengths and weaknesses of Nevada tourism.

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After leaving office, Mr. During his time in office, Nevada convention capacity grew from just under one million to over seven million square feet — and Las Vegas became the meeting capital of the world. Las Vegas was, at the time Mr.

State Department placed Bob in select technical assistance consultations with the economic and finance ministries of several countries, including the republics of Bulgaria, Georgia and numerous unique postings in the Russian Federation Moscow, Tver and Irkutsk, Siberia.

He a spearheaded through every available means a movement for Nevada Hotels and Casinos to embrace business travelers through presentation of the most up-to-date, full-service convention facilities.

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During his service as Governor, Mr. While studying law, Mr.

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Here he created a unit of the office dedicated specifically to ministering to the needs of crime victims — he embraced the community-service agencies who advocated for the rights of abused children, women and the elderly — and those who lost a loved one due to a criminal act.

He remains bonded to crucial child protection issues through board membership on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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It was in this office that Bob became sensitized to the trauma of child abuse and the disparity that existed between the rights of the accused with those of the crime victim. Miller has a diverse and lauded professional career and an equally spirited sense of community.

InBob became Governor of Nevada, succeeding in mid-term the sitting governor who had been elected to the United States Senate. From this discourse he determined that to significantly advance its market share Nevada had to fully embrace business travelers and sustainable tourism activities; it needed to cultivate foreign markets, inspire international air carriers to inaugurate non-stop service into Nevada, and see created an infrastructure environment for entry and egress into his state that would be viewed as second to no other.

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He was invited by President Clinton to serve as his Ambassador to Argentina — slot machines gratuit sans telechargement post he respectfully declined because of his youthful red stag casino no deposit bonus code 2018 and large family in Nevada.

It was at this point in his career that Bob became adept at communicating with business and government leaders directly, smoothing the path for international governments seeking U.

Miller developed trusting relationships with foreign business and governmental leaders including presidents Petar Stoyanov BulgariaMikhail Gorbachev Russian Federationprime minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha Bulgaria and Nikoloz Gilauri, the minister of finance in Georgia, as well as a host of hoteliers, restaurateurs, developers, insurance providers, bankers, marketers and casino owners throughout Europe and Asia.