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The daily enchantment of living and enjoying time starts when you arrive to this beutiful development in Ajijic. Excellent restaurants in a friendly community. Lakeside Community Events Calendar Living close to Lake Chapala affords one the opportunity to get out on the water, with activities such as swimming, waterskiing, and boating, as well as a few triathlons each year. Also has many outdoor areas, tennis courts, soccer, volley ball and a recreational area for children.

The only development in Ajijic Village !!!

This area is also a natural bird sanctuary. Thermal Hot Springs nearby. It is composed of two distinct areas, Upper La Floresta on the high side of the Chapala-Ajijic highway with some views, and Lower La Floresta, located from the highway down to the lake. The Lakeside area has an ideal climate. Horseback riding, golf, tennis, shopping, dining, art galleries, bus to Guadalajara, hiking and relaxation.

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Ajijic is the golden zone around Chapala Lakesideit offers all the facilities of a rapidly expanding population, live or holiday in our residential club will be the best decision to achieve the exclusive lifestyle everyone dreams. Some of the attractiveness of the Hotel are their ample gardens the view of bordering mountains and the Shore of the lake, in addition it counts on four halls for conventions and events, restaurant with a very varied menu.

The local yacht club even organizes a cursos casino la floresta regattas for the sailing enthusiasts. Any expense in a labor intensive field such as restaurants, construction or auto repair is generally a bargain.

Many varieties of flowers grow here so there is always glorious plant color to enjoy.

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One thing to make note of is that used merchandise maintains a value close to that of new merchandise. This development is located on the eastern edge of Ajijic, close to all services.

Planning to Build in La Floresta?

A bird and cursos casino la floresta haven. There are many large homes on both sides of the highway. Also, with its green and leafy surroundings and slow-paced lifestyle, the Chapala Riviera has become a popular spot for expat retirees with many taking advantage of the relatively cheap cost of living. An annual physical check up by a well-qualified, bilingual, often U.

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There are also two golf courses in the area. La Floresta is an older, charming neighborhood, where the trees on the highway meet overhead to form a leafy canopy. Walking Distances of La Floresta: La Floresta is a very pleasant neighborhood to explore to see some of the plantings and homes.

La Floresta offers peace, privacy and great mountains views, Ajijic is at just some steps. While some items are more expensive than one may be accustomed to such as gasoline, phone service and goods imported from the United Statesother items are much cheaper such as fresh produce, property taxes, utilities and servicesand still others are about the same.

Although the lake measures sixty miles long by sixteen miles wide, most of the expats live within twenty miles of one another.

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La Floresta is a very desirable place to own a home. It has tenis courts, sauna, pool, bar and a restaurant and many facilities to do your events just in front of Lake Chapala. At the east entrance to Ajijic is La Floresta, a tree-lined residential area. The area is truly relaxing and scenically stunning. Map of La Floresta The mile high lake and mountain location maintains a temperate climate which offers year-round comfort.